Superior performance, durability and sophisticated styling

  • Up to 90% better flow performance

  • Up to half as many downpipes and associated groundworks required for your next build

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Traditional Downpipes
Vortique Downpipes

Siphonic flow

Vortique's patented profile enables true siphonic flow which results in significantly better flow rates than traditional downpipes.

The Ultimate Downpipe

Up to 90% better flow performance

Vortique® has a unique patented* design which harnesses the power of siphonic flow. The precision manufactured seamless interior profile means each and every downpipe we manufacture offers up to 90% better flow performance than traditional downpipes.

* Patent No 563334

Precision manufactured in New Zealand

The team at Vortique are proud to have developed and patented the Vortique Ultimate Downpipe to handle whatever weather the rugged New Zealand environment sends your way. We are prouder still to be manufacturing every Vortique downpipe right here in New Zealand.

Easy assembly

Vortique is a seamless one-piece system that does away with unsightly joins, sharp angles and collars meaning you take delivery of a pre-made downpipe that is simply screwed in place.

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Vortique could save you money

Not only are Vortique downpipes directly price competitive with traditional downpipes but Vortique downpipes could offer additional savings:

  • Reduced Groundwork

  • Simple assembly required

  • No scaffolding required

  • Easy installation

Key - Downpipe
Key Drainage Req
Drainage Required
Key - Drainage Not Req
Drainage no longer required using Vortique downpipes

Product Sizes + Availability

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Vortique - 80mm 80mm ⌀ <p>in stock</p><p>available on demand</p>
Vortique - 110mm diameter 110mm ⌀ <p>in stock</p><p>available on demand</p>

Complete Design Flexibility

Vortique offers you the freedom to design the shape of your downpipes to suit your individual style.

Multiple curves at varying angles are possible, contact Vortique to discuss your requirements.

Vortique’s seamless ‘no-joiner’ technology let’s you hide your downpipe within wall cavities with the confidence that they won't leak.

Colour matched to your exact requirements, each Vortique downpipe is precision shaped and powder coated to give a consistent, durable and quality finish.

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50 Years  Durability Warranty

The unique shape and profile combined with the structural integrity of extruded aluminium means it’s tough.

Tough enough for Vortique to offer a 50 year durability warranty on every piece.

Commercial Benefits

Vortique exceeds European and New Zealand Building Codes for flow rates.

Vortique’s patented profile enables true siphonic flow which could result in significantly better flow rates than traditional downpipes. Vortique exceeds European and New Zealand Building Code requirements.

Unlike traditional downpipes which rely on a series of joiners that disrupt flow, Vortique is seamless, offering smoother flow than traditional downpipes.

This means that for each square metre of roof Vortique can require up to 40% fewer downpipes.

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